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This is a first rate beautiful facility that creates ambience from the moment you approach the building. The clean, contemporary choice of color and design communicates “cutting edge” high tech service. As this is a personal service business, it is important to create warmth and caring as well as the illusion of beauty, change, and increased self-esteem. To be greeted by name, to be seen in a timely manner, and to leave uplifted in spirit is what it is truly all about.

The attention to detail is important to me. From the over-sized towels in the guest room, to being offered a drink, these things are all part of the “pampered” experience. Most people I know appreciate these moments to themselves. (Most especially a massage during the shampoo) tho knew I was so tense?!

The staff at Lútfi’s is so very professional and helpful, one really feels special when calling for an appointment, upon being greeted at the salon, the people who wash your hair and of course the talented and friendly stylists who work there. Truly, Lútfi’s is a fabulous place to visit for both the great cuts and the pampering experience!

Gwyneth Jones Rader (Ellicott City, MD)

I am so confident and relaxed with Lútfi, I routinely fall asleep in his chair.

Tom Tozzini

I recently moved from another state where I went to the same salon for 18 years–I have finally found a full service salon that I am comfortable with and that provides excellent professional services like I was used to back home.

Ruth Johnson

The staff is always so warm and friendly and the ambiance is inviting.

Shawna Hutchins

I enjoy coming for hair care with Lútfi because he listens to how you state what hair style you want and you leave with satisfaction that he did what you asked. Professional opinion is offered as to what style would be best suited for you in the event you are looking for a change. Your hair is not overly saturated with hair products (mousse, hair spray) before style is completed, therefore, your hair doesn’t feel dirty before you leave his shop.

Excellent hair cut! Lútfi’s offers a great variety of services. When your hair is getting washed you get a good hair/head massage. Nice, friendly workers who know you by name. The environment is very warm and inviting–complimentary drinks, pleasant music, a clean and bright salon that even smells nice (not like hair coloring).

Janet Mastroianni, Trish McRae & Joy Hogan

Lútfi’s Salon has made a huge impact in my life. Some might say that a haircut cannot change your life, but I would argue the fact that sometimes it can. I came to Lútfi in need of a change, I had long thick hair that did not respond to many styles except for hot rollers or a handy pony-tail holder. I asked Lútfi to give me a haircut that would be easy to take care of, lighter and more flattering to my face. Within a half an hour he worked wonders, giving me a haircut that was all the above and so very flattering that people would stop me and ask me who the artist was who created it. I always smiled and replied, “Lútfi, of Lútfi’s International!

After that, more than 10 of my co-workers, friends and family started going to Lútfi. I recommend him highly. He is honest, intuitive, and so very talented. He also listens to my concerns and desires, works with my needs and fulfills all my high expectations.

Jessica Alan (Clarksville, MD)

I’ve been coming to Lutfi’s for years and have never been disappointed. My hair shines, keeps its color, and I get treated like a princess by Lutfi and his staff. Who could ask for anything more!

Tish Best

Please call 410-531-3300 to make an appointment

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