Lútfi’s Salon has made a huge impact in my life. Some might say that a haircut cannot change your life, but I would argue the fact that sometimes it can. I came to Lútfi in need of a change, I had long thick hair that did not respond to many styles except for hot rollers or a handy pony-tail holder. I asked Lútfi to give me a haircut that would be easy to take care of, lighter and more flattering to my face. Within a half an hour he worked wonders, giving me a haircut that was all the above and so very flattering that people would stop me and ask me who the artist was who created it. I always smiled and replied, “Lútfi, of Lútfi’s International!

After that, more than 10 of my co-workers, friends and family started going to Lútfi. I recommend him highly. He is honest, intuitive, and so very talented. He also listens to my concerns and desires, works with my needs and fulfills all my high expectations.

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