Benefits of a Day Spa

IMG_1998bThe bottom line is that people love to be pampered, which is why owning and operating a day spa is such a great opportunity.

In today’s crazy world, people work long hours and then spend entire weekends working around the yard, cleaning the house, running kids back and forth to various events, and trying to find some down time for self. Although it is considered a luxury type of self pampering to some, many people have no trouble going to a day spa to unwind. Some individuals will visit day spas in Columbia, Maryland on a regular basis while others will make it an occasional treat but regardless, the outcome is always the same – relaxation.

Although there are many areas of Maryland that would welcome a new and reputable day spa, Columbia, Clarksville, and Howard County are three regions where you would likely do very well. These counties are growing and learning more and more the many benefits that come along with taking time to do something good for self. For this reason, a day spa in Columbia, Maryland, regardless of county, is something you might consider. Even with the down economy, people still need and want to be treated like a king or queen from time to time, giving you a great opportunity to help while also building a successful business.

As with any business of this type, you would first need to choose a great, convenient location, hire only trained and licensed personnel, and create an environment that is considered clean and relaxing from the moment the customer walks in. You can use muted colors, soft and comfortable furnishings, privacy, candles, and the right lighting to establish a space that is designed to calm the mind while also stimulating senses.

IMG_1892bOther benefits associated with a day spa is that people come in with pain and tension, walking out feeling new, refreshed, and invigorated. Customers will also have lines and crevices that can be greatly eliminated, the skin can be softened and soothed, and even better blood flow can be achieved. The sole purpose of having a day spa in Columbia, Maryland is to offer people in the community with an escape but one that will also boost health, mentally and physically.

Of course, in addition to going to a day spa for self pampering, this is also the ideal gift for loved ones. Men, women, and even children can benefit from different services offered at your day spa so if you have someone who needs a break from the stresses of life or you know someone who is hard to buy a gift for, this is the ideal solution. Of course, you can always go with the primary services you would find at competitors of a day spa in Columbia, Maryland and then add something special to your services.

One of the primary services you should include is the massage. However, while other day spas in Columbia, Maryland may only offer one or two types, you could offer more. The following are the various types of massages that you might consider:

  • Swedish – This classic massage uses long strokes of various pressure and depth to improve muscle tone, increase blood circulation, and create more joint flexibility
  • Shiatsu – This technique uses pressure that is applied along with acupressure points and energy meridians to help improve overall energy and wellness
  • Deep Tissue – For people who have ongoing problems with pain and tension, this massage type uses slow strokes and deep finger pressure, thus releasing harmful toxins while easing pain and discomfort
  • Muscle Meltdown – For this massage, customers would enjoy moist heat and hot packs that along with a Swedish massage create relaxation to sore, tired, and tight muscles
  • Medical – Using trigger point pressure and myofascial release, your customers will benefit from getting needed pain relief
  • Sports – Customers who are involved with sports love this massage, which is a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and special stretching that helps with soreness while improving flexibility and strength
  • Prenatal – Mothers to be often have back pain, as well as headache and leg cramps. The prenatal massage is designed to help, using a special table that has can support the belly
  • Lava Stone – Using hot basalt stones coupled with cold marble, people find soreness and stiffness disappear
  • Thai – To gain better wellness, the Thai massage manipulates joints and muscles by using gentle pressure, stretching, and gentle yoga methods
  • Reflexology – People who need better blood and oxygen flow while benefiting from better functioning organs, Reflexology works on pressure points of the feet
  • Craniosaral – Although gentle, this particular massage works with the underlying skull membranes and bones for improvement of the central nervous system
  • Reiki – This ancient art of healing works by energy being channeled and restored to a person’s body, thus bringing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspect in balance

Other types of services you could consider for your day spa in Columbia, Clarksville, or Howard County, Maryland include:

  • Skin Care and Bronzing
  • Sea Body Therapy
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • New, Filled, and Repaired Nails
  • Pedicure
  • Body Waxing
  • Body Scrubs and Mud
  • Hair Cut and Styling
  • Seaweed Wrap
  • Facials
  • Facial Chemical Peel
  • Hair Removal

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